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Sundeala Hobbyboards are the ideal material for the upper surface of your working area to protect furniture and flooring or as a strong pliable baseboard for modelling layouts and dioramas.


The construction of a simple baseboard using these unique Sundeala Hobbyboards is very straightforward and numerous boards can be used together to form a larger work/layout area as required.  Each and every board arrives with specific instructions on how to proceed if you don't have any experience. 


The boards are robust enough to be utilised exactly the same as wood with the capability of being able to be cut and shaped with both hand or power tools, they can be drilled, countersunk, sanded and painted and although exceedingly strong the material it's made from presents as a soft fibrous material and is easy to work with, even if your woodworking experience is limited.


From the Desk Of - Linda Cooper
at "Sundeala Direct".


Welcome to Sundeala Boards Direct a subsidiary company of Kalm Services (UK) Ltd.

Kalm Services (UK) Ltd was formed in December 2005 with a view to providing local modellers in the South East with standard modelling products in the radio control arena  One thing led to another and we expanded to model railway, plastic modelling and of course our best-selling product Sundeala Hobbyboards and Track systems.

My husband Ken and I have been involved in supplying raw materials for modellers for almost eleven years now, you may have seen our advertising in many of the national modelling magazines.  As circumstances change in an ever-vibrant market we feel the time is now right for expansion to take place within our company and what better products to work with than our best-selling lines and our most productive customers.

The Benefits of Sundeala Hobbyboards:

  • Sound insulating

  • Sanded pre-finished nap surface in a natural light grey the boards have a soft texture which will not damage contact surfaces

  • No sharp edges or splintering

  • Surface can be restored through use of fine sandpaper if required

  • Environmentally friendly product made from waste newsprint Hobbyboard is fully recyclable at end of life

  • Due to the unique nature of Sundeala Hobbyboard it will accept a variety of textile finishes (subject to using an appropriate adhesive i.e. PVA is a cost effective medium for this purpose).  However, boards will accept Plaster of Paris, most commercial adhesives, nails, screws plus a multiple of other modelling accessory requirements.

We like to hear from you!


Sundeala Hobbyboards

Reviewer: Ellen from Aberdeen

Possibly the quickest internet site I've ever dealt with.  I've used them twice now and it's always delivered the next working day.  Great services.


Sundeala Hobbyboards

Reviewer: Jack Smyth from Londonderry NI

Well, it's here.  Ordered it Tuesday afternoon it was here Wednesday morning with minimal expense.


Peco OO Track

Reviewer: Bob Kolt from Liverpool

Always a good services from this company and products are usually in stock.  I ordered a load of track at 4:10p.m. it was on my doorstep at 10:30 the next day.  These people really put themselves out.


Sundeala Hobbyboards

Reviewer: Trevor Dale from Cooksford

Very nice lady on the telephone who took only seconds to answer.  Answered all my questions in detail including helping me to calculate the square footage of my layout.  It makes a change not to be passed from pillar to post.  I will definitely use this company again.


Up to 40% Savings

on Materials

20% on OO and N Gauge Track Supplies

and fast next day delivery in most areas.

























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